Study Coordinator

Palle Høy Jakobsen

Palle Høy Jakobsen, educational Ass. Professor, is the Study Director of the Bioentrepreneurship master programme at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). He teaches and has taught commercialisation and innovation topics within science fields at CBS, University of Copenhagen, the Danish Technical University and at executive programmes. He has also taught master classes in negotiations at CBS among other educational activities.  

Commercialisation of Biotechnology Research

This book introduces aspects of commercialisation of biotechnology research including pharmaceutical drug and medical device development, innovation and strategy concepts, patent protection, investments in new biotech companies, collaborations and licensing of commercialisation rights to biotechnology innovations.

Negotations and Decision Making

The negotiation discipline is described including the history of negotiations, negotiation strategies, concepts such ZOPA, BATNA, anchoring and negotiation tricks. The importance of culture, emotions and negotiator profiles for negotiations are also outlined.

Special descriptions of our decision making processes and influencing factors are included as well as a number of negotiation tools are outlined in the book.

Finally the book includes two historical case stories with analytical tools included as well as small fictional stories providing examples of negotiation paradoxes.