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Citalopram is an example of a small molecule pharmaceutical product used for treatment of depression.

Monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are monospecific antibodies that are made by identical immune cells, which are all clones of a unique parent cell.


Insulin is an example of a biopharmaceutical product used for treatment of diabetes. Insulin is a peptide hormone.

Trypsin Enzyme

Enzymes are proteins found in nature that drive chemical reactions and break down or synthesize complex structures.

Insulin Pen systems

An injector pen is a device used for injecting medication under the skin. In general, the injector pen is less painful and easier to use compared to the conventional vial/syringe.

Value generation


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Pharmaceutical Drug Development

Watch Pharmaceutical Drug Development by Palle Høy Jakobsen.

Medical Device Development

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Pharmaceutical Drug Business Perspectives 

Watch Pharmaceutical Drug Business Perspectives by Palle Høy Jakobsen.

Marketing of Pharmaceutical & Medtech Products 

Watch Marketing of Pharmaceutical & Medtech Products by Palle Høy Jakobsen.

Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery & Development

Pharmaceutical drugs tend to vary greatly in their structure. The main groups of pharmaceutical drugs today are small molecules and biopharmaceuticals, which are mainly proteins. A main subgroup of biopharmaceuticals is monoclonal antibodies. Future pharmaceuticals may be more diverse in structures and include RNA based drugs and vaccines such as corona vaccines.

Commercial Process For Pharmaceutical Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies need to achieve the regulatory approval of their pharmaceutical products, in order to market the product for treatment of a disease. In addition, they also need to negotiate the price of the products with the relevant public authorities, in order to secure public reimbursement of the patient expenses for using the product.

Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Apps

Product development in the medical device industry carries less risk, but the rewards are also smaller compared to the pharmaceutical drug industry. A device’s success or failure depends very much on how well it can demonstrate safety data and efficacy in the regulatory approval process. Medical devices  are a much more heterogeneous group of products than pharmaceutical drugs, and it is understandable that some variation in clinical evaluations exist.

Value Capture

Business Models 

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Patents and other Intellectual Property Rights

In order to exploit new innovation commercially, innovators will try to get exclusivity for the exploitation of their innovation by securing intellectual property rights covering the innovation. There are several types of intellectual property rights: patents, industrial design rights, utility models, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.


An option for commercialisation of new research discoveries is to establish a new company that can run the commercialization process. In such a process, the commercial exploitation of the research would be placed in the company. The establishment of the company requires that cash capital is invested into the company by investors, who in return get a share in the company and thereby a partial ownership in the company.

Licensing and negotiations

Collaborations are common with biomedical research in order to strengthen the innovation and commercialisation process.
Collaborations can offer the following advantages:
• Obtaining needed skills or resources more quickly
• Reducing asset commitment and increase flexibility
• Learning from partner


Project Management

The word project originates from latin, projectum, something that comes before everything else happens.Projects may be big like building a bridge or small like writing a paper.Projects are characterised by: objective, timeline, uncertain factors and risks, among others.

BIO Manufacturing

The manufacturing process is characterized by a number of overall activities:
– The design and layout of the manufacturing facility
– Raw materials utilized in the manufacturing process
– The manufacturing process itself

Leadership, management & human resource management

Leadership is about getting people to understand and believe in your vision and to work with you to achieve your goals while managing is more about administering and making sure the day-to-day things are happening as they should. Some of the differences are illustrated in below figure.

Business Ecosystem


Sustainability may be defined as the pursuit of a business growth strategy that creates long-term shareholder value by seizing opportunities and managing risks related to the company ́s environmental and social impacts. It is about building a more ethical, resilient, sustainable and profitable company.

Healthcare Innovation

The entire value chain in healthcare includes:
– The producers of healthcare products and services.
– The providers of healthcare services(hospitals, pharmacies, physicians)
– The individuals and institutions that purchase healthcare.